InForm Branding & Development

Following a high-profile campus incident, we branded and built an online hub that simplifies and streamlines the reporting process and helps people find support in times of distress.

FOR University of Connecticut
ROLE Branding Consultant, Writer, Strategist
TYPE Brand Name and Identity, Website Development

The Challenge

Before InForm, UConn had multiple avenues for reporting on-campus incidents including bias, harassment, safety concerns, and other types of misconduct. Each department involved had its own forms and procedures, and there was no centralized means for people to determine which form or office best addressed their concerns. 

UConn wanted to help students, faculty, and other stakeholders feel more supported by the administration and know where to turn in times of need. 

The Solution

Working with a cohort of UConn students and employees from different departments, we developed the branding and platform design for a centralized, online reporting hub called InForm.  The wordplay in the name helps the tool feel approachable, while the tagline—“Report incidents. Get support.”—along with the visual branding, convey to users that their reported concerns are received, reviewed, and responded to.

InForm Landing Page

The hub’s central features include a Form Finder, which helps users identify the best report and department for their situation depending on their identity, the identity of any other party involved, the type of incident, and other factors. Once users know which form they need, they can visit a portal for submitting reports.

InForm Form Finder Page
InForm Report Submission Page


We supported the launch of InForm with messaging, an email and social toolkit, and campus posters and flyers. The Campus Daily conveyed our key messages in their announcement, and in an editorial titled "InForm: A step in the right direction," the paper called InForm "an example of how UConn is stepping up and creating a more positive environment for its students."